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  • Zhangjiagang Youcheng High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd.

    Youcheng Hi-Tech engineering plastic parts great characteristics: high temperature resistance, super wear, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, super hardness and easy to shape and machined. The high performance engineering plastic products have successfully applied in medical, mechanical, oil & gas, aerospace, semiconductor, automobile and so on.

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    Car Accessories
    PEEK spraying
    PEEK plastic slide
    Woven carbon fiber rods
    ECTFE coating cylinder
    PTFE coating
    Nylon washers
    PES Medical Plastics
    Medical Plastics
    PP plastic medical
    PTFE coating
    PP plastic belt
    PP plastic nail
    PEEK plastic medical supplies
    PTFE coating medical cartridge handle
    PEEK spray hopper lid
    PEEK plastic Custom Accessories
    PTFE double spray mold
    PEEK plastic nuts
    PPS plastic auto parts

    Zhangjiagang Youcheng High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd. SU ICP16017583-1

    No.34 Western District, Economic Development Zone, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province,China